“How Much Per Foot?”

The true danger in comparing apples to oranges in custom home construction.

The question I get asked most often as a builder of custom homes is,

“How much per foot?”

It is typically asked by an inexperienced buyer who’s looking for some way to easily compare builder to builder and house to house. While we entirely understand the temptation to find some straightforward measure to use as a basis for comparison, this is a very imprecise and DANGEROUS way to shop for the right builder.

When it comes to one of the biggest investments people will ever make in their lifetime, the worst possible outcome is to fall prey to sales techniques of unscrupulous builders who lock buyers in at a lowball price only to raise the price later. That is also symbolic of how they will treat the construction of the home – as a game in cutting corners.

Inexperienced buyers who are only looking for “cheap,” are in danger of being sold production homes that have been built hundreds of times (think Pulte Homes or other large box builders) by construction teams that are brought in from all over the continent with the sole purpose of turning out homes in record times. Unfortunately in these cases, quality and details are not a factor. “Quick” and “cheap” are the only focus. For instance, did you know that many stages of quality construction require drying time?

Don’t risk the largest investment of your life.
Do your homework. That work up front will pay off in spades later on down the line. Look at a builder’s gallery, but equally as important, talk with the company’s current and past clients. They will be a true measure of the company’s delivery on its promises. They will also be able to attest to the quality of the materials and workmanship over time.