• “How Much Per Foot?”

    The true danger in comparing apples to oranges in custom home construction.

    The question I get asked most often as a builder of custom homes is, “How much per foot?” It is typically asked by an inexperienced buyer who’s looking for some way to easily compare builder to builder and house to house. While we entirely understand the temptation to find some straightforward measure to use as […] >> Read more ...  

  • portfolios of our work


    When you’re talking about a contemporary business portfolio you’re really talking about the extension of the internet and a website. It’s become a modern day “ground zero” for a visual reference, and in that respect it’s been and continues to be a very successful marketing tool. It’s a first line introduction for a potential client […] >> Read more ...  

  • The Well Traveled Road to a ‘pre-existing, nice enough’, but second choice home.

    In the earliest stages when a potential client is just beginning negotiations with him/herself on the merits of home construction there’s almost always a classic first reaction to what they think may or may not lay ahead.  And it’s no surprise to us that very often that first response is going to be a negative […] >> Read more ...  

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