The Well Traveled Road to a ‘pre-existing, nice enough’, but second choice home.

The Well Traveled Road to a 'pre-existing, nice enough', but second choice home.
In the earliest stages when a potential client is just beginning negotiations with him/herself on the merits of home construction there’s almost always a classic first reaction to what they think may or may not lay ahead.  And it’s no surprise to us that very often that first response is going to be a negative one. To the uninitiated any home construction project whether its a relatively simple renovation or a ‘complete turn-key’ operation can appear so complex and bogged down by details and decisions with the unknown that any response after “let’s rethink this and then say no” is almost incomprehensible to a lot of people. We get that. It’s a very human response to want to avoid risk and potential complications. And that risk is certainly amplified when you’re out of your comfort zone and its financial consequences considerable. So rather then taking the road less traveled to a dream home, people arm themselves with false expectations of buyer’s remorse and go down instead, the well traveled road to a ‘pre-existing, nice enough’, but second choice home.

Baiardi builds confidence and trust before we ever build a home. And we do this in part by building your confidence and trust in your dream first.  Where you have doubts we have reassurances. What you lack in expertise we have in abundance. Where you have questions we have the answers that can only come from the experience of 30+ years of quality workmanship and pride. And yep we do understand that ‘talk is cheap’ – and in this case we’re proud of it. It won’t cost you a thing to sit down and have a conversation. It’s not a commitment, it’s not a contract, it’s a place to begin to explore possibilities. It’s coffee, conversation, and zero pressure. You won’t talk to my representative or any other staff member, you’ll talk with me and together we can decide what’s next.From a builders perspective it’s always a shame to see someone walk away from their dream based on misconceptions and misimpressions. Building anything is just a commitment to a process. One we’re very good at, but still just a process, and when you break it down it becomes easier to digest and much less intimidating.

Allow us to keep the momentum of your dream moving in the right direction. And remember it’s only conversation.